Send in Rodman

With threats of nuclear war being tossed about willy-nilly, here is something we never thought we would say: Maybe it is time to send it former NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman.

Perhaps if North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and our President Donald Trump cannot see eye to eye, Rodman could do the world some good. He is a frequent visitor to North Korea, after all, and a guy who managed to hit if off with the North Korean strongman and even his father, Kim Jong Il, with whom he sang karaoke and rode horses.

Rodman, a tangle of contradictions in his personal life, has served in the past as an unofficial ambassador of sorts, albeit sans portfolio, and perhaps he could get the rhetoric between Kim and Trump toned down before somebody makes a horrible mistake and the world changes forever.

Maybe he could talk some sense into Kim or he could even referee a summit of some sort between the two.

Rodman’s friends say the often-troubled basketball star travels to North Korea with the best, if not naive, intentions. It appears to work. Maybe a visit from him could begin to restore what passes for peace nowadays.

What could it hurt?






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