Catch them; jail them

Anchorage is not Detroit. It is not Chicago. It is not L.A. Despite that, shots are fired almost on a nightly basis in various neighborhoods of the city, hitting cars and homes, and, most recently, a children’s swing set where kids earlier had been playing.

It is estimated as many as 40 shots were fired in one of the latest episodes, hitting one man in the leg. All this, mind you, as children played nearby. Recently, there were two other shooting incidents within two days.

The sounds of gunfire in some sections of Anchorage are becoming nearly routine. A man interviewed by KTVA said, “It shouldn’t be, but it’s what it is.”

Anchorage police are seeking a motive. They say they believe the most recent shooting was targeted, but, really, bullet holes all over a neighborhood cast doubt on that. Beyond that, who cares why the bullets are being indiscriminately fired into homes?

Enough, before some innocent person is killed or maimed. Enough of law-abiding residents living in a war zone.

It is well beyond time to catch these thugs and jail them. For a long stretch.




2 Responses to Catch them; jail them

  1. John London July 16, 2017 at 10:17 am

    Naw, let the Deviants, Criminals and the Vermin like Bears run the city and the country as it all helps destroy cultural cohesion, morals and freedom.

    After all according to the vile left they were all here first and have superior rights to normal citizens and deserve more rights than you.

    Stalin and Mao would be proud.

    After all these two psychopaths using similar tactics murdered 100 million of their own.

    “Do we have the will to save the West?”

    -Donald J. Trump

    • Observer July 16, 2017 at 6:20 pm

      Mr. London’s linkage between the disintegration of the social order and preservation of Western Civilization requires some thinking but is essentially correct.

      The Left loves to excuse all kinds of deviant behavior based on the status of the actor, i.e., he/she/it is black/brown/yellow or abused as a child, etc. With that as an organizing principle and growing diversity in our society, more and more bad actors are figuring out how to play that game and collect government grants for doing it.

      Almost by accident, we still have the Second Amendment.

      Things will likely not improve unless and until a few leaders on the Left work up enough courage to announce: “This is right and this is wrong.” I have not seen the current Mayor say or do anything like that. How much longer can we wait?


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