They do not get it

The headline in the Washington Free Beacon – “Government Collects $2.5 Trillion In Taxes In First Three Quarters of FY 2017” – only hinted at the nation’s largest problem. The subhead – “Despite trillion-dollar tax collection, government still runs $523 billion deficit” – put it in focus.

The Department of the Treasury says most of the $2.5 trillion came from individual income taxes, which amounted to almost half of that total, amounting to $1.2 trillion.

But despite taking in $2.5 trillion, the government spent about $3.03 trillion.

Clearly, politicians in Washington and Juneau share the same affliction – the desire to spend more than they have; more than they can take from us.

The lesson they refuse to accept is: “Spend less.” You get it. We get it. Too bad they do not get it.


One Response to They do not get it

  1. Jim Schradle July 15, 2017 at 10:33 am

    These people have had it too good for the entirety of their lives. Not doing without or deciding between needs and wants. America has all ways been safe and prosperous in their world and they figure it all ways will be. So they behave like this. And it could be they know there will be consequences, but they will come later and happen to someone else. So party on and have fun playing the big-government political game.


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