For the children …

It is much too easy nowadays to become confused when watching the Anchorage Assembly.

Consider this: Just as the Alaska Marijuana Control Board is set to meet for three days in Fairbanks, the Anchorage Assembly is toying with the notion of sending it a resolution supporting onsite consumption of marijuana.

This, mind you, in a city where smoking do-gooders have managed to make smoking tobacco products in public places, bars and businesses widely illegal – and even vaping has been banned in the Town Square Park.

Add to that, this: You cannot drink in a liquor package store or smoke in one, either.

Some on the Assembly apparently believe none of that matters when it comes to marijuana; that the rules for dope should be different than the rules for booze and tobacco. It is especially ironic when you remember that legalizing marijuana was carried out under the banner of regulating the substance just as alcohol is regulated.

The concern about onsite consumption apparently is about the city’s tourism and tourists needing a safe, legal place to smoke or ingest marijuana.

The city does not allow tourists – or anybody else, for that matter, to smoke tobacco in any public place or drink on the sidewalks or drive with an open container of alcohol. Our question is: Why should the rules for marijuana be any different?

Marijuana should be regulated just like alcohol, and if smoking is bad for you, it should follow the same city rules tobacco users must follow – to save the children, of course.






2 Responses to For the children …

  1. John London July 11, 2017 at 10:24 am

    Old Mary Jane is a prostitute.

    She will take your money

    And leave you disease

    Tells you your free

    til’ you fall

    in a heap

    “Does the West have the will to survive?”
    -Donald Trump

  2. A.M.Johnson July 12, 2017 at 11:38 pm

    Another chink falling out of the wall of social decorum.
    As legal marijuana enters the commons one can anticipate a increase of unfavorable public statistics.
    Who then will take responsibility?



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