Take a look, see where the money comes from

The Alaska Policy Forum, which does a darned good job of poking holes in the tax-and-spenders’ fiscal nonsense from Juneau, has an interesting feature on its website titled: “Follow the Money to Find Who Funds Your Legislator.’

It easily gives very quick, detailed information on who is paying for Alaska lawmakers’ political campaigns. It provides transparency and is much simpler to use that the Alaska Public Offices Commission website. It is always good to know who is holding the hidden hand in politics.

“There are many special interests and lobbyists who take part in the sausage making of legislation,” the Forum says. “To help understand the role that money plays, we have made available to all Alaskans an easy method to find out who pays whom.”

It is a valuable resource and worth a look.

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  1. Morrigan May 21, 2017 at 11:21 am

    The Alaska Public Offices Commission website offers the 2017 Lobbyist Directory both in word-searchable “PDF” format and downloadable Excel formats, sortable and searchable as the user desires.

    When Senator Mia Costello breathlessly announced the legislature’s bipartisan, groundbreaking efforts, etc., etc., to get Lyft and Uber in Alaska, it was the work of a few short minutes to search the 2017 Lobbyist Directory and find that Lyft bought a lobbyist for $6,000 per month, outspending both the Anchorage Taxicab Permit Owners Association and Alaska Yellow Dispatch.

    Alaska Policy Forum’s information, APOC’s Lobbyist Directories, and Gordon Harrison’s (Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency) fifth edition of “Alaska’s Constitution, A Citizen’s Guide” are essential reading if one is to understand how state government works, how it was originally supposed to work, and should be changed, if state government is ever to be reformed.


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