Time for a break

Watching the turmoil in Washington, D.C., one can only wonder: Where will it end?

With all the daily hubbub going on, how can the promised conservative agenda be advanced if Republicans are too distracted to attend to business? What will happen to health care, tax policy and infrastructure reform? What will become of getting this country back on track after eight years of Barack Obama and his merry socialists?

In the military, when things go awry, and then continue going awry, commanders can call for a stand-down. The idea is to take a breather, back up, figure out what is wrong and how to make it right, focus and decide what to do in the future without the pressure and cacophony of the present.

Donald Trump should call a stand-down for the top echelon of his administration – a day, or maybe two, when they say nothing, answer no questions, meet privately to get on the same page and chart a course forward. It should be a day or two when Donald Trump fires off no Tweets; when his people are not stumbling all over themselves with contradictory statements; a day of reflection.

Then he should address the nation and tell us what is happening – and why.

What is happening now does no good for Trump, his agenda or the nation. The furor of the past few days has Democrats reveling in the administration’s almost hourly gaffes and they are doing the best they can to cash in on the mess. It was to be expected. It would not really matter what president was in the White House. If he or she were a Republican, the attacks, the shrill craziness from those on the left would be ongoing. It is what they do.

Make no mistake, there has been a silent coup in progress since Trump was elected, or, more accurately, since Hillary Clinton was not. It is being pulled off by Democrats, the news media, the intelligence community and upper level, entrenched bureaucrats.

Its goal is to delay implementation of the Republican legislative plan and, eventually, remove Trump from office. Republicans have not been much help. They have gone wobbly in too many instances – Sen. Lisa Murkowski is but one example – and often appear to be working to advance Democrats’ goals.

The current problem is that Trump makes it far, far too easy for them.

Somebody should tell him this is no game show. It is for all the marbles.


2 Responses to Time for a break

  1. Will Gay May 18, 2017 at 11:28 am

    This letter to both Alaska Senators. As an Alaska Republican I too am concerned about our government. The democrats, the press and the bureaucracy began their relentless rejection of President Trump even before he took office. I think you would do well not to add to the attempt to legitimize these attacks. As a Republican, if you can’t make a positive statement about another Republican why not be quiet? (this sage advice from Ronald Reagan not me). Further, I am much more outraged about Hillary Clinton’s reckless handling of classified information, total disregard of security protocols and her husband’s involvement in the sale of 25% of the stategic metal uranium to guess who (THE RUSSIANS!). Her subsequent lying to Congress, the FBI and the American people about her involvement in these matters is unconscionable. Where is the Alaskan delegation on that Russian scandal? Why not back the Republican administration and offer constructive criticism in private? Please do not answer with a staff generated form letter. Just know that I see the blatant hypocrisy from many corners of the establishment. Eventually the folks that work and make this country hum will be heard!

  2. Observer May 18, 2017 at 11:55 am

    This might be a good idea, but I would forget the speech. Jimmy Carter did something like this in 1978 or so and it was such a display of weakness.

    I do think the situation strongly suggests the presence of a “Deep State,” which is inherently anti-democratic. What is important at this point is to regain control of the government from the unelected “elites” and pseudo “elites.” Trump’s inaugural address was spot on. Allowing “elites” and pseudo “elites” to gain permanent control of the government will produce a tyranny unlike any seen before.


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