Makes you wonder

Here is something odd: The state of Alaska, as lawmakers look for ways to plug a more-than-$3 billion budget gap, even to the point of considering taxes and cutting Permanent Fund dividends, even to the point of gutting the Alaska State Troopers, is about to launch a $55 million runway project in Aniak that local residents say they really do not want – or need.

The project would shift the Aniak airport runway 261 feet to get it away from fences, buildings and roadways, the state says.

The World War II-era airport, the Alaska Dispatch News reports, is in the center of the community of 500 people. Its mayor, Bill Wilson, is also a Ravn Alaska commercial pilot.

“Really there’s nothing wrong with the airstrip here,” he told the ADN.

To be fair, the federal government is picking up $50 million of the $55 million project, but when you consider that the Alaska State Troopers have been cut $10 million in the past two years, it is clear the state’s $5 million tab for the project could be better spent elsewhere.

Sometimes, when you see what is important to government, it simply leaves you scratching your head.

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  1. Morrigan March 18, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    Take a look at Senator Cathy “Studded Tire Tax” Giessel’s web site:

    There you will see pictures of Cathy with the Associated General Contractors, Alaska Trucking Association, and the Vice President of Chenega Corporation, groups expected to do more than their fair share of providing a good home for that $50M of “government money”.

    Forget Aniak, this is what Alaska government is all about, and has been for some time:

    Getting More money.


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