Not getting what we pay for

A shocking two-page report from the University of Alaska concludes that, on average, 74 percent of the 1,550 students who graduated five state high schools an enrolled at UA had to take at least one remedial class. Many already had passed a similar high school class.

The five schools named in the report were: Galena Interior Learning Academy; Juneau-Douglas High School; Mount Edgecumbe High School; Kodiak High School; and, Ketchikan High School.

The report’s scope, mind you, is limited. It takes a look at only 37 high schools and eliminates small rural schools, the Alaska Dispatch News reported. The report found 61 percent of students from those high schools, on average, had to take at least one developmental class at UA when they enrolled.

That must leave Alaskans shaking their heads. With the education industry consuming more than $1 billion a year in state funding, one has to wonder: What the heck?

The Alaska Policy Forum’s website contains an article by Bob Griffin and a telling graph comparing Alaska’s K-12 education system with other states.

“Alaska is in a close race with New Mexico for the least efficient K-12 system,” Griffin wrote. “Alaska was number two in the per capita spending on K-12.  Alaska Spent 146 percent of the national average, even after taking into account the high cost of living in Alaska.  And still Alaska scored 47th overall in achievement. New Mexico was ranked 4th in K-12 spending at 119 percent of the national average and ranked 48th in overall results.

The level of spending certainly is not indicative of the outcome. In fact, Alaskans and their children are – and long have been – the victims of teachers’ unions and complicit officials.

As a state, we certainly are not getting what we paid for and the UA report only underscores that sorry fact.

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  1. Will Gay February 12, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    You listening Lisa ,. Maybe you should have voted for Betsy DeVos after all. “Choice” is good on some things but not others eh?


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