Common sense approach to underage drinking

We applaud Sen. Peter Micciche and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for their common sense approach to underage drinking that would be better in the long run for young people and happily will save Alaska money.

Nowadays, underage drinking can be considered a misdemeanor criminal offense. A young defendant can find himself or herself in court, and, if convicted, have a record for life, perhaps tarnishing future educational or employment opportunities.

Micciche’s Senate Bill 99 would make underage drinking a citation violation, punishable by a $500 fine, which could be cut to $50 if a defendant attends a court alcohol safety action program.

The bill would streamline enforcement, and in the long run, save money.

Nobody wants kids to drink, but they do, and they should be corrected, but the Micciche’s Senate bill makes more sense than current practice.

All in all, kids win, the state saves money and futures are not endangered. It makes good sense.

Not bad.


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