Black Friday

Reports started flooding in from the far corners of the country – and even from the United Kingdom – of consumer craziness early this morning as long lines queue up for bargains on what has become known as Black Friday.

If you are venturing out into the chaos, have a good breakfast first. Put on warm clothing and sensible shoes. Gas up the car. Work on counting to 10. You are ready for perhaps the toughest shopping day of the year – the day retailers offer huge bargains to entice you into their stores to massage their bottom lines for the holiday season.

Headlines such as “Shoppers brawl over Barbie dolls, ” and “Cops pry women off TVs,” and “Black Friday brawls hit UK,” and, perhaps our favorite, “Women fight over cheap panties,” give a glimpse of the wackiness afoot in the land today. It promises to be a great day. Overworked websites are crashing and cash registers are ringing like mad and holiday shoppers are careening from store to store, looking for that ultimate deal.

In Anchorage, lines have formed outside electronics stores and the entire city seems to be girding for the nuttiness that started even before most of us sat down for Thanksgiving dinner. Traffic should be horrible today, but who cares? Just think of the savings.

Take no prisoners, get the deal – no matter what – but be careful out there. Remember, the people pushing and shoving you around today are your neighbors and friends, people you will care about tomorrow.

Aw, to heck with that, push and shove back. Good luck.






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