The municipal election in Anchorage ends Tuesday, and we would like to take this opportunity to again share our picks in the School Board election.

For Seat B, we will be supporting Judy Norton Eledge. For Seat E, Sami Graham. For Seat F, Kim Paulson, and, for Seat G, Elisa Vakalis.

The board, in our view, desperately needs to address education and fiscal matters in a more thoughtful, conservative manner.

The ballot also asks you to decide on eight tax-generating propositions. Those are self-imposed taxes that, if passed, will increase mortgage payments.

While politicians seeking money for this or that would rather you not think of the propositions that way, but that, nonetheless, is what they are. Our betters would rather have you believe it is all about the vast amount of good the money would do for parks, sidewalks, roads, the police and whatever the latest whim is in do-goodism.

The propositions would add $20.36 to tax bills for every $100,000 in property value for the next 20 or 30 years, or, looked at another way, the average $300,000 home’s tax bill would jump by about $60 annually until the bonds are paid off.

It does not sound like a large bite, but it is in addition to self-imposed taxes from years past and new propositions certainly to come in the future.

No matter your view on the various races and propositions, the best thing you can do for the city is vote.

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