With bated breath

The Anchorage Assembly, about to receive $100 million or so in federal COVID-19 aid largesse through the American Rescue Plan Act, diligently has been working to find a way to spread it around.

Assembly Chairman Felix Rivera says the panel wants to iron out how to use the loot beforehand so that when it shows up it can be farmed out quickly. He says he expects more information from the federal government this week.

The Assembly appears poised to spread the money as it did with about $150 million in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act – economic stimulus, family support and housing and homelessness.

Interestingly, Rivera says the Assembly plans to emphasize equity this time around. You have to wonder what that means. With $100 million to play with, it could mean anything, we suppose.

The very notion of this Assembly handling that much money – again – is frightening. The last time it got a wad of CARES Act dough, it could not wait to jam homeless shelters into neighborhoods.

The Assembly will take up the matter at its April 9 meeting. We wait with bated breath

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