Hopkin: Cancel this!

By Mark Hopkin |

I’ve decided the best thing about turning 60 this month is the knowledge that I will probably die before long. But as I witness the accelerated rate at which idiocy is overtaking our society, I worry that it may not be soon enough to avoid living under a form of fascism disguised as love and tolerance.

The left’s full-on assault on the rights we once took for granted would be awe-inspiring, if it weren’t so scary. No belief or activity is considered sacred, and if something is deemed an existential threat or racist or intolerant or misogynistic, then the need to stamp it out trumps (with a small T) any Constitutional rights connected to those inexcusable threats. And with each new day, you wake up not knowing which of your behaviors or beliefs will wind up in the crosshairs of the woke mob today.

Never mind that none of their demands will fix the problems they’re wanting to solve. The answer to racism is to make EVERYTHING about race. The way to save the environment is to use batteries that create gigatons of toxic waste. The way to respect women is to eliminate genders entirely.

The latest gem of the hold-my-breath-till-I-turn-blue movement is cancel culture, a doctrine that says anything you ever said or did, anyone that you ever talked to, or any belief you ever had can be used against you in perpetuity. If you commit a crime, say rob a bank, for example, there’s a statute of limitations. But the cancel crowd has no such thing, and will delve into your entire history back to childhood, nay, back to your ancestors and their ancestors, to find some nugget of badness that they can use to destroy you.

It’s a philosophy that is so unforgiving and chilling that even many entertainers and other darlings of the left are beginning to call it out as dangerous and moronic. They probably don’t need to worry, though, because so far, left-leaning individuals and groups seem to be immune from cancellation. Otherwise, just think of the favorites of the woke left that we would have no other choice but to cancel.

Such as…

Planned Parenthood, whose founder Margaret Sanger was an avowed racist who touted “family planning” (aka abortion) as a means to reduce procreation among blacks. This unabashed abortion mill is quietly moving her name to the sidelines, but if we truly believe in the sanctity of cancel culture, their unsavory beginnings should disqualify the whole organization’s existence.

Facebook, which began its life as FaceMash, a “hot or not” website that invited drunk boys at Ivy League colleges to post pictures of girls next to each other and vote on which ones were hotter. If Facebook and their Big Tech ilk weren’t the judge and jury in these matters, their unkind and nasty history would certainly qualify them for instant cancellation.

The Democratic Party, whose history reads like a racist who’s who, is certainly a candidate for cancellation. Andrew Jackson, the first Democrat president, was also one of the most racist presidents in history. Because of him, I spend 20-dollar bills as quickly as I can, just so I don’t have to look at his ugly racist mug every time I open my wallet. And he’s not their only scoundrel. Throughout history, the Democratic Party has stood for the segregation and subjugation of black Americans. They try to claim they’ve changed, but under the rules of wokeness, no change can ever compensate for past wrongs, and they have almost two centuries of wrongs to make up for. So, I’m sorry, but the Dems really gotta be canceled.

If we’re not going to be equal-opportunity cancelers, then maybe we could take a more logical approach and believe that people can have different ideas without being evil. We might use some of that love and tolerance we’re preaching to practice forgiveness, and accept that people, and even organizations, can change and learn from their mistakes (or – gasp – that they may not be wrong in the first place). And we might wake up and see how dangerous and damaging wokeness and cancel culture are to a free society. If we can’t do that, then my twilight years are going to be bleak, indeed.

Mark Hopkin is president of Porcaro Communications.

3 Responses to Hopkin: Cancel this!

  1. Sesn April 5, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    You speak the truth. Thank you

  2. Fergie April 2, 2021 at 9:26 am

    I’m 84 and I have a good chance to see our totalitarian demise long before Mr. Hopkins dies!

    “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”


    attributed, The Great Book Of Best Quotes Of All Time

  3. Angry Viking March 31, 2021 at 3:18 pm

    We fought a civil war and we passed civil rights laws so we could move past lynch mobs and white hoods and torches at midnight.

    And now the left brings it roaring back. A mob is a mob, and when they destroy a livelihood or a reputation based on flimsy or unfounded claims, they are no better than the Klan.

    Yeah, the truth hurts. Take a long look in the mirror.


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