The union label

The two fund-raising front-runners in the field of 15 candidates vying for the Anchorage mayor’s job in April have racked up impressive campaign donation figures.

To date, Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar has amassed $252,216 and longtime businessman Mike Robbins, $211,188, in their bids for the post. Disgraced former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, it should be noted, collected $261,138 in donations in his campaign for the job in 2018.

Dunbar’s Alaska Public Offices Commission reports look like a Who’s Who of Alaska liberals. Robbins? It is rife with business owners and business interests and differs greatly in the kinds of contributors.

The startling difference is that Dunbar’s contributors include a host of unions that contributed about $18,500, or 7 percent of his total campaign donations. Robbins’ contribution reports show no donations from unions or their political action committees. None. Zip. Nada.

If nothing else is clear, unions favor Dunbar in upcoming contest.

Just sayin’.

3 Responses to The union label

  1. Marlin Savage February 23, 2021 at 9:19 am

    Or educating the leftist/marxists……..

    “ If you are not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at forty, you have no brain.

    Winston Churchill

  2. Donald Drumpf February 22, 2021 at 7:43 pm

    And the US spent close to a trillion dollars in the last presidential general election. The one where Trump lost; verifiably so, empirically so, and anecdotally as well if you talk to the right person. “Right person” meaning sane and literate. Maybe we just stop funding elections and use all that money to for a better cause, like educating the south. That would be a start.

  3. Marlin Savage February 22, 2021 at 10:26 am

    Many, perhaps even most, union members realize that all democrat politicians do is eliminate jobs and raise taxes on their paychecks and homes. They therefore don’t vote the way the union tells them………….

    I bet You could count the number of union XL Pipeline workers who voted for biden on one hand…………


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