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The headline was pretty ominous: “Lincoln Project Teams Up With Billionaires, Left-Wing Activists to Punish GOP, Elect More Democrats.” The Lincoln Project? It was difficult to know whether to gasp or just laugh aloud.

Surely, you remember these clowns. After spending $12 million to generate some of the most obnoxious political ads in human history, not one – not even one – of the seven Republican senators they targeted in the last election even came close to being defeated. As if to underscore the ineptitude of these guys, those incumbents won by mostly double digit margins.

In Alaska, the group attacked Republican U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan relentlessly in support of Democrat-cum-independent Al Gross and his annoying campaign. The Lincoln Project contributed to what arguably was one of the ugliest campaigns in Alaska history.

Even the Democratic Party’s super PAC, Priorities USA, confirmed the Lincoln Project’s “viral” social media ads aimed at the seven GOP incumbent senators – including Sullivan – were a bust. Gross, by the way, lost to Sullivan 54 parent to 41 percent.

Now these guys are out to wring money from left-wing billionaires to badger and destabilize corporations that donate money to Republicans, a Washington Free Beacon account says.

With its history of success, we wish the Lincoln Project – and any of the morons who fund it – the absolute best.

Yes, indeedy. We surely do.

2 Responses to The best

  1. Donald Drumpf January 13, 2021 at 8:10 pm

    Pretty sure it’s more of a “punish MAGA” type of campaign. Which is completely fair, they should. Those degenerates are the beginning of the end for this country. The faster republicans take their party back the better.

  2. Chad Oldham January 13, 2021 at 11:52 am

    Is it not amazing how a tiny amount of deviants supported by big money can try to destabilize the USA and then cry impeachment. This must be some kind of cosmic joke of the third kind as they use race as a deception for many decades to pull the wool over some naïve eyes.


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