Report: Emergency orders helped slow the spread of coronavirus in Anchorage


2 Responses to Report: Emergency orders helped slow the spread of coronavirus in Anchorage

  1. Angry Viking January 14, 2021 at 8:06 am

    Sadly, the epidemiologists have again confused correlation with causation. This was no scientific study, there were no control groups. This was research attempting to prove a foregone conclusion.

    Other sites have performed similar data analysis and found precisely the opposite results. How can this be, if it’s all “science”?

    See for the opposite perspective I mentioned.

  2. Elizabeth January 14, 2021 at 8:02 am

    The numbers were still roughly the same until school got out, people were taking time off over the holidays and staying home more. I was noting the second week of a December that despite another Anchorage lockdown there did not seem to be much change. Then school got out before Christmas and toward the end of that two week period numbers indeed declined significantly.
    And if the lockdown was so effective, why, in the valley where there has been virtually no mandates or lockdowns yet our stores, gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. are full of people, many not wearing masks, are our numbers low? Add to that, through the holidays Anchorage residents were flocking to the valley for holiday activities, shopping and dining. New Year’s Eve there were packed bars and restaurants full of mat-su and Anchorage revelers and no distancing. No, I wasn’t there but have report from two of my young adult children. There has not appeared to be any viral increase at all from New Years Eve. I don’t know the answers but I also do not agree the Anchorage lockdown did anything except further destroy the Anchorage economy and private business.


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