When it comes to outright nincompoopery, it is hard to beat California in general or San Francisco in particular.

The city plans to rename as many as 44 of its schools, including those named after former President Abraham Lincoln, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a host of others.

Their sins against today’s “woke” racial justice? Alleged racism, colonialism and, apparently, failure to do right.

The list of 44 – a third of San Francisco’s schools – was put together by the blue ribbon San Francisco School Names Advisory Committee, but the school board gets the final say.

The panel wants to give Lincoln the ax because he never acted as if black lives mattered and in 1862 he ordered the execution of 38 Native Americans who participated in an uprising in the Minnesota and Dakota territories, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. He also deported the Navaho from their lands and took Native Americans’ lands under the 1862 Homestead Act and the Pacific Railway Act.

He did abolish slavery in 1863, although his proclamation in general freed only the slaves residing in states at war with the Union. It did not apply to slaves in border states fighting on the Union side; nor did it affect slaves in southern areas already under Union control.

Feinstein? The panel accuses her of police brutality, allowing police dogs to attack Filipino veteran elders and repeatedly protecting and flying the Confederate flag in front of the San Francisco City Hall nearly 40 years ago when she was mayor.

Who else made the panel’s renaming list? “Anyone directly involved in the colonization of people,” “slave owners or participants in enslavement,” “perpetuators of genocide,” “those who exploit workers/people,” “those who directly oppressed or abused women, children, queer or transgender people,” “those connected to any human rights or environmental abuses,” and “those who are known racists and/or white supremacists and/or espoused racist beliefs.”

Among them: Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere and George Washington.

It just gets nuttier and nuttier.

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  1. Marlin Savage December 18, 2020 at 7:09 am

    And it just keeps getting worse:

    The Seattle City Council is considering new legislation that would create a legal loophole that would make substance addiction, mental illness or poverty a valid legal defense for nearly all misdemeanor crimes committed in the city.

    The council’s consideration of the plan has occurred with virtually no public discussion about the proposal, which has been included in the municipal budgeting process. The council has not, so far, conducted a standalone meeting to discuss the idea.

    Anchorage will likely adopt this “law” just like they did the “right” to shoplift up to $750 worth of items without the criminal going to jail……


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