What Anchorage needs

While thousands of Anchorage residents, small businesses and eateries are suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Anchorage Assembly has managed to soak up for city government nearly $50 million of the $156 million granted the municipality by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

What about the rest? There does not appear to be any real plan to get it to where it will do the most good. There remains something like $40 million unspent.

You might think using that dough – and the city has until the end of the month to spend it – to make life easier for all those folks being crushed by the pandemic might be a big blip on city government’s radar. Instead, it has spent money on trails, buying Girdwood a health clinic and trying to spend tens of millions to buy buildings near neighborhoods to house Anchorage’s street people.

Oh, but it did hand $6 million to hurting small businesses, and $2 million to Visit Anchorage “to modify promotional and sales tools used to remarket Anchorage tourism during COVID-19 recovery.”

The city, using CARES Act funding, has fattened its coffers substantially, after working out a deal with Treasury that allows it to spend $49 million to pay its public health and safety payroll while using the money that normally would have gone for that for anything else.

Meanwhile, our new mayor-select has, for the third time, shut down bars and restaurants, despite appearing to have no real plan of what to do next.

If you had just arrived in the city from another planet and looked at how Anchorage is handling its CARES Act funding, you, too, might immediately want to paraphrase our late-but-not-so-great Senate candidate Al Gross.

“We need a new Assembly and mayor.”

And you would be right.

7 Responses to What Anchorage needs

  1. John London December 4, 2020 at 1:21 pm

    Can one imagine if a leftist misanthrope like normal straight American hater DD was employed at a polling facility. In his deranged condition he would be sitting there (in his Nazi brown shirt) destroying – tearing – hiding and burning later any ballot that said : TRUMP Just imagine more loons like him doing same on a national lever and you have the TRUTH.
    All the while he would be ruminating in his limited group think conditioned mind, how what he is doing is right and just as ultra-minorities are always important than MAJORITIES to American leftist. Ever notice that if you painted Bidens mouth red, that mouth and smile is the exact same as the joker? Biden the joke is making all of his cabinet women and/or color when we are the most diverse country on the planet and the most equal?
    That is the question.

  2. Donald Drumpf December 4, 2020 at 9:39 am

    Those voices are being heard in investigations in Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia the last time I checked, and none of them have actual evidence of foul play, just unverifiable anecdotal bs. You are talking about a multi-state effort to remove the president of the United States. 2 states barely have enough incentive to work together in todays climate, let alone 6, so please pony up the evidence with your ridiculous statements or keep that clap trap shut. You want to finger print me for my vote but let me buy a gun with a library card ID, that is ludicrous. Your inability to understand technology, which is the very means that gives your voice an audience, is no reason to hold up progress for the betterment of mankind. You won’t get a lot of this world, that’s fair to say, just sit there and enjoy the show with the rest of the ignorant who are too lazy to find an understanding. To be fair, this editorial is about the city government not giving the remaining aid to the parties in need, which is where the direction should have stayed. It turned into Covid being a hoax, and the election being fraudulent. Please read this seriously, as the majority of Americans will think the same thing: You represent the GOP party with that nonsense, and that nonsense it turning voters away from your policies. Far as I can tell, the second the Democrats go pro gun, you’ll lose 3/4 of your constituents. Maybe ease up on the crazy and have a normal discussion geared around critical thinking. As for the funding, it should probably go to the industries who are hurting the worst and the unemployed. Just a thought.

  3. Jack December 4, 2020 at 7:24 am

    The voices of America have been shut out for the sake of a socialist government consisting of cutting citizens rights to a FAIR election run by human beings instead of machines. Vote in person, put some dye on the index finger after voting and get accurate results. I know–PIE IN THE SKY, TOOTH FAIRY AND UNICORNS.
    Mail in ballots? Rubbish. Vote in person with an ID.

    If you believe that is too onerous wait to see what the current system wrought.

  4. Donald Drumpf December 3, 2020 at 10:44 pm

    Wow. And they let that type of room temperature IQ buy a firearm with the assumption he’ll show restraint and common sense before ever abusing the responsibility. Seriously London, what a trip it must be to live day in and day out for you. Everything a hoax or conspiracy or plan to steal your rights. You make a proper Charlie Cheswick, hands down. Just a couple thoughts: Why is this virus a world wide problem if the Democrats created it? And if the Democrats did, how would it be the lowest order, seems like an impressive feat to me. And it’s only a crooked election if you can prove it, which you can’t, so keep those conservatears coming, I’m loving the tantrums.

    • Angry Viking December 4, 2020 at 10:10 am

      “They” don’t “let that type of room temperature IQ buy a firearm”, it’s in the Constitution. You would require people to pass a skills or knowledge test before they can buy a weapon? Okay, I’ll demand voters pass a skills and knowledge test before they vote.

      What’s that you say? It’s illegal? So is your pearl grasping.

      Unclench a little.

  5. Will Gay December 3, 2020 at 5:44 pm

    It’s irresponsible, criminal what these…….clowns have done.
    With a banker, an accountant , a lawyer and a facilitator in one afternoon you could design a system to allocate this money directly to people who have lost their job because of closings and create a revolving loan fund to impacted small business. Within a week you could set up a non profit to administer the programs and transfer the money to get around the expiration deadline.

  6. John London December 3, 2020 at 1:37 pm

    They are too busy Virtue signaling 24/7 in their trendy fashionable masks. They invented this BS virus so that they could do mail in ballots which are known cheat meat. Now they want to keep it going so that the increasing virus LOL will overshadow investigating this crooked election. After 4 years of failed bogus collusion/impeachment they want to make this stick at all costs. This is an international scam of the lowest order.


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