Silence is golden

So, a group of Alaska Republican women lawmakers pointed out that U.S. Senate hopeful Al Gross’ campaign manager, David Keith, left his post as political director of the Progressive Caucus PAC after allegations of “sexual harassment, abusive behavior, and inappropriate language.”

They asked in a letter to the Gross campaign “for information pertaining to his hiring given the ‘serious allegations of inappropriate conduct and abusive behavior perpetrated by the U.S. Senate candidate’s current campaign manager.’ ”

The Alaska Democratic Party dismissed the letter as a “disappointing” political stunt in the waning days of the heated election campaign.

But a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story, on July 16, 2019, said Keith was hired by the PAC in March last year to oversee strategy and House candidate recruitment. Keith previously had served as Wisconsin Democrat Randy Bryce’s campaign manager.

In the 2019 article, the newspaper reported: “A staffer for the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC who faced accusations of sexual harassment, inappropriate language and other abusive behavior has left the group.”

The story goes on: “The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported last month that the Progressive Caucus PAC had hired a human resources firm to investigate concerns about Keith.

“Seven sources, including some former Bryce staffers, told the Journal Sentinel that Keith routinely made inappropriate sexual comments to and about female staffers and volunteers, used crude language and had angry outbursts — at times yelling and throwing things at his subordinates.”

“Keith also frequently used crude and derogatory words to describe women and gay people, and threatened to punish staff who didn’t obey his orders, sources said. Several recalled him telling them, ‘If you cross me, I’ll destroy your career.’ “

The Gross campaign dismissed the GOP women’s letter, saying the campaign has the “gold standard” when it comes to harassment.

As for the media? Crickets.

2 Responses to Silence is golden

  1. Angry Viking November 2, 2020 at 10:31 am

    Apparently not, Mr. drumpf. Consider Tara Reade and her credible allegations against your Presidential candidate, and the resounding media silence.

    If you’re going to give credence to Anita Hill attacking Clarence Thomas, then give equal credence to Tara Reade.

    Or admit you’re a hypocrite. Either will do.

  2. Donald Drumpf October 30, 2020 at 9:27 am

    Isn’t crickets what we’re doing now? Ignoring the problem, even defending the perpetrator to maintain party integrity? Trump has 26 allegations against him, and no one seems to care; with the exception of the Justice Department that will flat out use tax payer money to defend him. Kavanaugh has a couple and the right said the women were a bunch of liars with political motivations. Clarence Thomas was put in the highest judicial seating when he was accused, credibly, of similar sexual misconduct. Where a righteous person would say all sexually abusive/harassing behavior is wrong, you’re conveniently only speaking out against it when it comes from a Democrat. Which leads hilariously to “Law and Order”. Is it only a crime if the offense is committed by a Liberal?


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