A way out?

A few weeks back, we offered this website link as a way for Alaskans to come up solid answers in trying to find ways to deal with Alaska’s budget dilemma. We offer it here again.

The state’s red ink is measured in billions of dollars, and with the legislative session a few months away, it is well beyond time to come up with some solid answers about how to grapple with the chronic problem.

Commonwealth North’s Fiscal Policy Study Group has set up a website to help Alaskans better understand the state’s fiscal mess, and the site gives you a chance to come up with revenue and spending options – and a way to share your thoughts confidentially with legislators and Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

You may have the magic answer as the state faces what has become an increasingly dire problem with few palpable solutions.

Go to the website, take a hard look, explore the options, make the tough choices and see if you can find a solution.

It will be harder than you think.

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