He got it right

Finally. Somebody at the muni finally got it. The Black Lives Matter banners on the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts building in downtown Anchorage are no-nos.

“The ACPA building is a Municipal facility, although it is managed by a nonprofit,” Anchorage Ombudsman Darrel Hess says in a memo in response to a complaint.

“Placing the BLM banners on the building is problematic, as it potentially creates a public forum. If the Municipality allows community organizations to place non-Municipal banners, posters and other materials on or in Municipal buildings, it can create a public forum. This means that we would have to allow ‘Blue Lives Matter Banners’, ‘All Lives Matter Banners’, ‘White Lives Matter Banners’, or even Klu Klux Klan or neo-Nazi banners.”

The banners in question were allowed to be hung on the municipally owned and privately operated building – and municipal resources used to hang them – at the behest of the Alaska Black Caucus, MustReadAlaska.com, reported.

“Hanging the BLM banners for free makes this more problematic and sets a bad precedent,” Hess wrote in the memo.

We saw that from Day One. In early September, we wrote:

“As a reminder to the Berkowitz administration, roads and public edifices are public property paid for by taxpayers. Having any private group’s name, and its political agenda, emblazoned on public streets or buildings, is nothing less than a usurpation of public property for private purposes. Not to mention an endorsement by government.”

We are are stunned that anybody in the administration of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz would have thought, even in a weak leftist moment, that allowing political placards on city-owned property – and using taxpayers’ money to put it there – was dead wrong and likely illegal.

Hess got it right. Too bad he apparently is the only one.

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