What else do they want to hide?

There is nothing more baffling than the Left’s determination to ignore a host of truths, truths such as taxes choke the economy; regulations hinder free trade and add costs, or, gun control, in reality, is people control.

Instead, leftists want all of us to follow them down a rabbit hole where up is down, truth is fiction – and Democrats are really independents. Honest.

The Alaska Division of Elections changed the ballot to reflect how a candidate managed to get on the ballot – not the candidate’s imaginary political affiliation. “Independents” Alyse Galvin, running for the U.S. House to unseat Rep. Don Young, and Al Gross, running to take Sen. Dan Sullivan’s seat, are very good reasons for the change.

Galvin and Gross were elected in the Democrats’ primary last month. The ballot, as changed, would reflect just that, rather than the convenient fiction they are “independents” or “undeclared.” Next to their names would be “Democratic Nominee.” The proper affiliation would be listed for Republican candidates and those who reached the ballot by petition. In other words, the truth, something that seems to bother the Left.

Make no mistake, Galvin and Gross are Democrats. Gross even promised donors he would caucus with Democrats in the Senate, and Galvin, who has the support of folks such as Nancy Pelosi, ran against Young in 2018 as a Democrat.

Galvin, trying desperately to hide her Democrat roots, has sued to undo the ballot change to hide her affiliation with the Democrats, a judge has ordered distribution of the ballots halted and now we all await a Supreme Court ruling. All to hide reality.

We get it that being seen as a Democrat in Alaska can be a liability, but the truth is the truth.

It makes you wonder what else Galvin and Gross would hide.

3 Responses to What else do they want to hide?

  1. Jack September 20, 2020 at 7:40 am

    Some people prefer a Hitler like type of leader who wants to take away our freedoms for the sake of political power.
    Gee, remember “if you like your doctor you can keep him/her” or “if you like your health plan you can keep it” and last but not least every family will save $2500 a year using the ACA.
    What has that wrought for American families in the final analysis?
    Those are the lies that came from the mouths of democrats and in the final analysis those choices were a SHAM.
    I also remember Benghazi and “what difference does it make now” in the aftermath of our ambassador being killed while the prior administration stood by doing nothing to help OUR diplomats.
    Also 2% growth is the new normal and those manufacturing jobs are not coming back to America.
    So if the those lies were not enough to see through the democrats typical agenda–live it up.
    I prefer someone who tries and for the most part accomplishes what he/she promised.
    Too bad the opposition sees only their selfish agenda of hate rather than what is good for America today and tomorrow for our future generations.

  2. Donald Drumpf September 18, 2020 at 2:55 pm

    “Leftist Loons”, “Libtards”, “Dumbocrats”, “Socialists”, and “Communists” are the general description of anyone harboring a D in their election bid. This is what they are called by Conservatives and Republicans, and that makes up most of Alaska. Is it any wonder why someone would want their political plans heard out before being judged and sentenced? Conservatives I grew up with were respectable, would gladly engage in a civil debate, would judge someone by their deeds and character, were something to be proud of. That’s changed. They don’t even know what a communist or socialist is, let alone what a Republican is supposed to stand for. Trumps party calling Democrats “liars” is absolutely hilarious to me. 20,000 misleading/false statements and counting. 200,000 Covid deaths because he was “Downplaying” the severity to avoid panic. Your party has produced the closest thing to Hitler I’ve ever seen. Our only hope is that the Republican party doesn’t survive this election, so America can.

  3. John London September 18, 2020 at 10:50 am

    This has happened time and again. They know the MAJORITY will never vote for leftist loons with deranged California left values.
    They are so virtuous and holy and just know that they are progressive when world history and most major religions prove otherwise. (Why they want to change the textbooks)
    They are sooooo just and they care so much about you.
    Dem/Socialist/Communist 100 million murdered and counting.


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