Jenkins: ‘Independents?’ Do not be fooled. They are Democrats

By Paul Jenkins |

With Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux stumbling out of the Republican primary as Rep. Gabrielle LeDone — despite the best efforts of dead voters in her district — a guy could almost be forgiven for thinking the run-up to November’s general election looked pretty lame.

Then, liberals masquerading as “independents” picked up the slack for political junkies.

Take, for instance, Juneau’s boat-driving, grizzly-killin’ Al Gross. He is running against incumbent Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan, who, it should be noted, has made absolutely no effort to hide his political affiliation, something Gross cannot claim.

Endorsed by vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, the radical LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Gross wants to present himself as an “independent,” and who can blame him? Alaska has perhaps the nation’s largest percentage of independent voters and flaunting a Democratic political affiliation in some quarters is political hari-kari. But at heart, Gross is no independent and already has been caught assuring California and New York donors during the Democratic National Convention he is a Democrat in everything but name.

“I will caucus with the Democrats,” he told them. “I’ve been an independent since I was 18, but if you look at my platform, you’ll see that most of my values are to the left. I’ve met with leadership in the Senate and they are very understanding that my best pathway to win is to remain as an independent.”

In a new damage-control ad, he assures Alaskans he will not strip them of their rights; that he does not support Medicare For All or the Green New Deal, that he is a good guy, so, voilà, he cannot possibly be a liberal Democrat. That, even though he is running on the Democratic ticket and is the first Alaska Democratic Senate nominee who is not registered to vote as a Democrat since the party changed its rules in 2016.

“I will caucus with the Democrats.” “My values are to the left. “My best pathway to win is to remain as an independent.” All that sounds a lot like a guy who, at heart, is a liberal Democrat. Others seem to feel that way, too.

He has received about $50,000 in contributions from the DSCC. His Federal Elections Commission filings show contributions from various unions, the League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood and End Citizens United, among others.
He told Alaska Public Media’s Energy Desk last year he was registered as nonpartisan for much of the past 25 years, but registered as a Democrat in 2017, then switched back to nonpartisan a year later.

So much for being a dedicated independent.

Then there is Alyse Galvin, the “independent” trying for a second time to unseat Rep. Don Young, the Republican Party’s longest-serving House member. The first time she ran against him, in 2018, she was a Democrat. She does not want you to know, but she still is a Democrat.
She says she has held a bazillion jobs, and vague generalities — expanding this, protecting that — are her campaign’s standard yada yada yada. When it comes to gun rights, she is squishy:

“As an Alaskan, growing up in a family of responsible gun owners who taught me how to hunt, I understand the importance of preserving our second amendment (sic) and protecting Alaskans’ way of life,” she says. “That’s why I believe in measures that promote responsible gun ownership, public health, and help save lives, including comprehensive background checks and eliminating bump stocks, providing mental health services, and funding research to study gun violence and suicides, while maintaining Alaskans’ right to bear arms.”

“Responsible gun ownership,” “public health,” “providing mental health services,” “help save lives.” All that is Democratic code at its finest. Frankly, it would surprise me if she would be a no vote in the House on any of the left’s onerous gun control proposals. (Bump stocks, by the way, already are banned.)

Others, folks who really should know, also seem to believe Galvin is squarely in the Democrats’ tent. She has received contributions from the New Democrat Coalition Action Fund, Nancy Pelosi for Congress, Committee for a Democratic Future, Democrats Reshaping America, Elect Democratic Women, End Citizens United and Schiff for Congress, FEC records show.

There are others, of course, and they all are throwing money at Galvin because they are sure in the deepest depths of their twisted little hearts she will advance their leftist causes — not because she is a good person.

Here are the questions Alaskans should be asking: If candidates cannot be straight about even their political leanings, how can they be trusted to represent us on the issues? What does it mean when they tell us one thing to better their election chances, and their donors are telling us quite another?

If it walks like a duck …

Paul Jenkins is editor of the

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  1. Will Gay September 21, 2020 at 8:25 am

    You left out Murkowski. Maybe do a separate piece?


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