How is it…?

How is it that Kenai and Fairbanks are giving out more CARES Act grants to devastated small businesses and nonprofits than much larger Anchorage?

Anchorage is slated to hand out $6 million in $10,000 grants to small businesses and nonprofits lucky enough to win a lottery today.

Meanwhile, the Kenai Peninsula Borough already has given businesses and nonprofits more than $7 million in CARES Act money, with another $2.2 million set aside for a second round of grants, reports. Mind you, the Kenai Peninsula has a population of 58,000 compared to the 291,000 souls in Anchorage.

The City of Fairbanks, boasting a population of only 31,000, was granted more than $16 million in federal CARES Act funding and is handing more than a third of it — $6.25 million — to businesses in $15,0000 grants, the website reports.

The good news? Anchorage is spending something like $4.5 million to build trails. We suppose that is a good thing. Maybe the idea is to allow people to walk to shuttered businesses.

What a city.

One Response to How is it…?

  1. Jack September 18, 2020 at 6:39 am

    I’m tired of the Anchorage administration. They’re just no damn good!
    Do small businesses vote? They better vote and make sure their employees do to.


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