Dems, GOP agree – ‘Better Elections’ not better at all

It is worth noting that Alaska Democrats and the Alaska Republican Party oppose an Outside-generated initiative to gut Alaska’s election system.

“Non-partisan” groups such as Represent.US and its partner, Unite America have contributed, more than $1.2 million to support voter adoption of Alaskans for Better Elections’ complicated, convoluted 25-page ballot initiative.

If successful, it would institute ranked-choice voting, open or “jungle” primaries to benefit fringe and leftist candidates, and allow your vote to go to someone you detest. It would limit campaign contributions and, additionally, candidates no longer would be required to disclose a political affiliation when their names go onto the ballot. It would allow a candidate to deceive voters.

Worse, it would do all that without the first whisper from the Legislature. No debate. No vetting. No compromise.

The former head of the Democratic Party, Kay Brown, told the House State Affairs Committee this week the proposal “is not going to improve transparency. Labels mean something and parties mean something.”

She added the measure is confusing and “impacts all Alaskans and fundamental voting rights.”

Alaska Republican Party Chairman Glenn Clary said the “Better Elections” initiative is unconstitutional and would destroy the election process in Alaska.

“This initiative is anything but ‘better,’” he said. “The proposed initiative is extremely inferior compared to Alaska’s current election system. This proposed ballot initiative is a recipe for disaster and will destroy the very foundations of freedoms that this great state was founded upon.”

The initiative was “conceived in private by a select elite few whose desire is to dismantle and destroy all that sovereign Alaskans hold dear regarding their election system,” he said.

The effort to eviscerate Alaska’s election process is sponsored by former independent state Rep. Jason Grenn, Bonnie L. Jack, and former Gov. Tony Knowles’ attorney general, Bruce Botelho.

Grenn, if you will recall, is an Anchorage Republican-cum-independent who caucused with the House Democrat majority and was dumped at the polls in 2018.

It should be clear that the reason the Better Elections folks do not want to have an open discussion about their proposed changes to the election system is they know Alaskans would smell a rat and it would have no chance of passage by the Legislature.

While the two major parties rarely agree, it is good they see the initiative for what it is – a special interests attack on our electoral system.

4 Responses to Dems, GOP agree – ‘Better Elections’ not better at all

  1. John London July 3, 2020 at 9:27 am

    This is part and parcel of avowed demo/leftist scam to blame Trump for the virus as they jack up the fake virus uptick as they have run out of defeat the president tricks.
    It’s all the same ruse for those who cannot convince America that they are for America. Because we know they are not for America.
    Have a happy 4th. and vote TRUMP 2020.

  2. Donald Drumpf July 3, 2020 at 1:08 pm

    “While the two major parties rarely agree”

    That should say something. And I imagine the highlight and uniting issue with the proposal would be “Limiting campaign contributions”. That information can be found here: Regardless of how they are implementing it, rank based voting is by far the superior standard. For example: there’s 3 republicans; John Smith and Jane Doe are moderate republicans that share similar values to me. the 3rd candidate, a complete and utter f-ing moron, let’s call him Donald Trump, is a far right republican, nothing more than a mouth piece, and will say whatever it takes to get elected, he appeals more to the far far right. Ranking them allows me to pick candidates that share my values, and placing the idiots at the back. If the one candidate doesn’t grab a 50.1% majority, the other votes are counted, allowing the populous shared ideology to prevail. Now, in our current standard, its all or nothing and it pays off to be a radical candidate because the others are all too similar. Two party system should never have been adopted, according to the forefathers, and fighting to maintain a two party system, let alone allowing politicians to maximize political contributions, is allowing big money to place their interests above the peoples. That’s where the boomers failed.

  3. John London July 3, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    DD really LOVES TRUMP 2020 – Look how he idolized his name – got a man crush ?

    DD Really HATES You, you deplorables. You keep him from getting more than a foothold in America so that he and his psychopaths’ can destroy everything you and yours hold dear, like Traditional America for example.

    Lets proudly wave that flag this weekend. shoot off a few rockets and elect a real president for a 2nd term.

  4. Dave July 3, 2020 at 9:49 pm

    Happy 4 th you looser
    From your best buddy D Trump
    Vote Trump 2020
    Make America Healthy Again


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