Dying to vote

It is tough being a dead person in Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux’s House District 15. They are left to wonder: Are we supposed to vote? Are we not? They never know.

For now, it looks as if they are back in the game.

LeDoux, who stands accused of election fraud, was saved by the pandemic. She will not be in court on those charges until after Alaska’s Aug. 18 statewide primary because the court system delayed, for a second time, her pre-indictment hearing, this time until Aug. 20.

That is great news for the dead folks.

LeDoux was charged in March with one felony and nine misdemeanors relating to her 2014 and 2018 campaigns for office.

A staunch Republicrat and the District 15 incumbent, LeDoux was absolutely gobsmacked after election officials in the 2018 District 15 GOP primary election found problems. They discovered seven absentee ballot applications — seven — from dead people, not to mention absentee votes cast in the names of at least two very much alive people who said they had not voted.

In all, officials yanked 26 ballots because of residency or legitimacy questions. All those ballots, it is worth noting, were for LeDoux.

A two-year probe by the state culminated with charges against LeDoux, her former chief of staff Lisa Simpson, and Simpson’s son, Caden Vaught. None of the current charges appear to involve the dead voters.

LeDoux is facing a Republican challenger, David Nelson, in the Aug. 18 primary.

All of that is good news for the dead folks in LeDoux’s district who are just dying to vote.

3 Responses to Dying to vote

  1. Dave June 28, 2020 at 9:26 am

    Apparently this State doesn’t have an attorney general or a governor or even the will of the people to demand justice or consequences for wrongful acts.
    If Mike or Kevin would like to prove otherwise, come out of hiding

  2. Marge June 28, 2020 at 3:22 pm

    Will the real Gabrielle LeDoux please stand up. She ran as a Democrat in Kodiak, She gets elected as a Republican and will caucus with the Democrats. I agree the dead folks are dying to vote. In my opinion, if she gets elected, there is something rotten in Alaska.

  3. Morrigan June 29, 2020 at 8:18 am

    Got Gabby “dead to rights”…
    Could be the ultimate absentee vote…


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