Enjoy the show

It is hard not to chuckle when Democrats get their undies in a bunch, sharpen their teeth and go for blood.

Take, for instance, this week’s nasty, noisy brouhaha featuring former Bill Clinton strategist James Carville and apparent Democratic 2020 frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Carville surfaced from the Democratic swamp to call a head-to-head face-off between Sanders and President Donald Trump in November an “end of days” scenario for the Democratic Party. The Vermont independent called Carville a ”political hack.” Carville fired back, calling Sanders, a democratic socialist, ”a communist.” Carville also took the opportunity to take a slap at Bernie’s followers, referring to them as a “cult.”

It was difficult to look away.

Frankly, would be hard to like either of these guys. It is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. Carville’s role, and mouth, in the Clinton scandals was egregious. Sanders? He is just an wackjob, and an old wackjob at that.

Republicans must be standing on the sidelines with broad smiles on their faces. That feared doomsday matchup would be manna from heaven.

It will be a loud year. Enjoy the show.

One Response to Enjoy the show

  1. Marlin Savage February 14, 2020 at 3:49 pm

    Unfortunately, many college students. college graduates, and their parents would vote for BS just because he says he’ll get rid of their education debt…………..

    As an aside, I heard a group of “kids” saying they’d vote for him to get rid of their college debt. I told them if they paid off their own debt, that would be the end of it, but if Bernie “forgave” their debt they’d be paying others’ college debts for the rest of their lives. They said, “that’s not fair!!!”. Evidently, they were so short siighted that they thought the college payoff was only for their generation, not a lifelong precedent………..


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