Sanders? Really?

With Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Democratic primary victory in New Hampshire, you have to wonder: What is in the water there?

By giving Sanders, a lifelong Democratic Socialist, the nod, the good people of the Granite State signaled they are ready for a kinder, gentler state socialism, as if there were such a thing. History proves otherwise. Millions have died in unimaginable suffering in socialist utopias over the past century.

State-centric, top-down control prevalent in such states is unpalatable to most over time, and the natural human response is resistance. That resistance, in socialist states, inevitably triggers oppression. You have to wonder, with the unprecedented prosperity in capitalist states that boast protection of property and reverence of individual rights, why anyone in their right mind would opt to be a slave.

In this nation, for instance, ever our poor have cell phones, cars and other amenities not available to those trapped socialist countries. We can only imagine those living in Venezuela would relish being poor in America more than being middle class in their homeland.

Sanders in the past has embraced the system that evicerates the American ideal. He at one point, supported the Cuban, Sandinista, or Venezuelan models of socialism.

He also has, in so many ways, promised to destroy the American economy and wreck its health care system with a cockeyed $34 trillion scheme that will require monstrous tax hikes. He wants imprisoned felons to be able to vote and all he can offer is hatred for the wealthy.

In reality, he offers Americans nothing. When you look at the New Hampshire results, you have to ask: No, really, what are they putting in the water there?

One Response to Sanders? Really?

  1. John London February 12, 2020 at 11:00 am

    Lets forget the Bernie Nutty Socialist for a moment and consider the first lady aspect of this.

    Who would make a better example of a first lady for the worlds most powerful, free and sane (except for the left) country.

    The presidents wife or Roseann as that is who the nutty socialist’s wife looks like and I’m sure carries the same nutty socialist baggage.


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