Climate change worries? Not so much

Something to think about as politicians on the Left line up to push their fixes for climate change: A Pew Research survey concludes the issue ranks near the bottom of the list of American concerns.

In fact, it ranked 17th of 18 on the list concerns in 2019. Moreover, it has ranked at the bottom or near the bottom since 2014.

What was at the top of the list? The economy, followed by healthcare costs and education, as you might expect. Climate change even ranked below “improving the country’s roads, bridges and public transportation systems.”

Does that mean climate change is not causing concerns? In Alaska, we know it is, but across the nation the concern is not the top worry.

Fear is a powerful political tool and the notion of havoc caused by climate change plays into the hands of those who would upend the American economy with programs such “The Green New Deal,” which is little more than a ploy to redistribute wealth and political power.

When a politician suggests we “need to do something” about climate change, we should ask why he or she is not more concerned about out real worries.

2 Responses to Climate change worries? Not so much

  1. John London February 11, 2020 at 10:16 am

    Slavery issue with the left is just a BOGUS as the climate issues.
    Power and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$…..

  2. M. J. D. February 12, 2020 at 6:22 am

    I’m wondering how long before one of these “enlightened “
    suggest a tax to study and stop the ocean tides.
    Man made bluff erosion needs to stop…
    “How Dare You”bla bla bla full in the blank 🤪


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