Fairbanks schools consider adding ‘just LGBTQ’ literature class

READ: https://mustreadalaska.com/fairbanks-schools-considers-adding-just-lgbtq-lit-class/

One Response to Fairbanks schools consider adding ‘just LGBTQ’ literature class

  1. Elizabeth January 16, 2020 at 8:09 am

    It is time for Alaska families to exercise state statute, use their autonomy and get their kids out of the public schools. The funding formula is dependent on the enrollment of each child and a mass exodus of students will have clout. In Alaska we have complete freedom to educate our kids outside of the government oversight. We can choose whichever we feel is the best vehicle for educating our children, be it privately at the kitchen table albeit out of our own pocket, in a school district home education program, in a private school classroom or a public school classroom. This freedom gives us a strong voice and should be exercised. I am surprised how many parents are not aware of our home school laws which benefit every single family, no matter how they are choosing to educate. This autonomy isn’t just benefiting home schoolers.


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