If you were looking for an egregious example of the Left’s easy manipulation of Alaska’s news media, you would need look no further than recent reports by two Anchorage television stations.

KTVA and KTUU both covered leftist organizations calling on Sen. Lisa Murkowski to back a “fair” impeachment trial for President Donald Trump, one that allows witness testimony – a stance taken by national and state Democrats.

At least one Alaska Democratic lawmaker and the left-leaning ACLU of Alaska, NAACP Anchorage, Alaskans Take A Stand, We Are Anchorage, Growing Alaskan Leaders and other groups were featured prominently in the “news” story. KTUU described them as “Alaska nonprofits” and “citizen groups.”

You might wonder, as we did, what Republicans or other Alaskans or “nonprofits” who may disagree with the Left’s take on impeachment might have to say on the issue – but they were not included in either story. Not one of them. Not one word.

The Left, with very little effort, wound up with its views on the impeachment trial unchallenged in “news” reports broadcast on Anchorage’s largest television stations.

So much for Journalism 101.

3 Responses to Journalism?

  1. Marlin Savage January 7, 2020 at 11:13 am

    Yet, they bristle when called “Fake News” or “The Lame Stream Media”…..

  2. Elizabeth January 9, 2020 at 7:43 am

    Support organizations that foster, promote and/or teach balanced reporting. Or, since we really do seem to be in a civil war of ideology, support conservative news sources. Everyone has a bias but a good investigative journalist presents all sides and provides all information, not just what might support their bias. Unfortunately pride reigns, willful blindness to truth is rampant in today’s world, so it seems most journalists, just like most readers, only look for what they want to find.

  3. Marge January 9, 2020 at 8:03 am

    I am not a Journalist, however, took a class in Journalism. I learned that Journalists should maintain an independence for those they cover. Not happening in this day.The three pillars or ABC’s of Journalism (Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity) in my opinion, have been buried under a pile of garbage in most news organizations. I never wonder why President Trump calls out Fake News.


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