Remember Amelia

A note to the Anchorage Assembly: Residents of a 119-year-old Ohio town who had grown weary of government taxation have voted to dissolve and disband their city government.

That’s right: Seventy percent of Amelia’s 5,000 residents voted to shut it down after a year-long slugfest over a dead-of-night income tax.

What set it all off? The Amelia City Council secretly levied a 1 percent income tax on residents – without bothering to ask how they might feel about it. It supposedly notified them by letter. Residents already were paying about $1,400 annually in state income taxes; about $780 each annually in a state sales tax and $130 in local sales taxes. Property taxes? About $3,300 per year.

The new levy would have added more than $600 annually to individual tax bills – and that lit the fuse. People wondered where their hard-earned dough was going.

They should have. Among other things, the city spent hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on upgrading city offices to a Victorian-style building. The mayor claimed city workers were cramped in their old digs.

“Free Amelia” PAC founder Ed McCoy told Fox News the Ohio residents’ decision to dissolve their village was “bizarre” but warranted.

“Some people, to this day, never did receive a letter. There’s people out there that don’t even realize that they’re being taxed 1 percent of their income. So, they pretty much just changed the law, right? What they did was illegal.”

The residents of what once was Amelia will be added to other municipalities.

While our august Assembly scratches hither and yon for more money to spend, even asking us on occasion to ignore the city charter in things such as utility sales and sales tax votes, you have to wonder when Anchorage will have had enough – and what its residents will do about the city’s incessant yen for more money.

Will we see them in the streets shouting, “Remember Amelia”? Time will tell.

3 Responses to Remember Amelia

  1. Dave December 10, 2019 at 8:09 pm

    The time is ripe
    What are we waiting for? Take your town back
    What do you have to loose?
    Time to say goodbye to the liberal loons
    Thanks to the small town of Amelia the vision of hope has been cast. The question before us is do we have the courage that these small town country folk have? Hmmmm I’m not sure

  2. R-Dubya December 10, 2019 at 11:14 am

    Individuals within the private sector will most likely vote with their feet, quietly leaving AK altogether in search of greener grass elsewhere. In some cases, some of these folks will merely commute from the Lower-48 to/from the North Slope. Some within the AK population cheer this on, claiming a stubborn independent streak of toughness // bravado.
    At the end of the day (someday soon), folks will begin to realize that the majority of tax payers will only be civil servants in Muni – State – Federal positions. Many of the private sector will have simply moved onward.
    AND(!!!), don’t look for the Native & Village Corps to be paying any taxes!

  3. Morrigan December 10, 2019 at 10:58 am

    Can’t happen here, Mr. Editor…
    Recall the Anchorage Assembly forced a readily corruptible mail-in ballot scheme on residents, arguably to prevent such a nightmare scenario from happening.
    Nothing is known to safeguard mail-in ballots from inadvertently being “corrected”, corrupted, or “lost” in sufficient numbers to assure our august Assembly never faces the horror of voter-mandated “dissolve and disband”.
    So we might hear a few feeble shouts of “Remember Amelia” in between climate-change demonstrations, but that’s about all we can expect.


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