Bloomberg panders on guns

Billionaire presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg is joining the rest of the herd seeking the Democratic nod in the 2020 election in backing onerous, ineffective gun control policies.

Bloomberg, former New York City mayor and businessman, has over the years spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the gun-control movement, or what he calls his “life’s work.”

He is calling for universal background checks, an expanded definition of domestic abuser under federal gun laws, a 48-hour waiting period on gun purchases, and a “red flag” law. He also wants a system of government-issued permits for firearms, saying, during a speech in Colorado, the current system has no way of stopping people “from getting a gun when they’re a minor, when they have a criminal record, or when they have psychiatric problems.”

He could not be more wrong. For someone who has made a crusade of stripping Americans of their Second Amendment rights, Bloomberg seems confused.

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check system does, indeed, verify the age, criminal background and mental health record of those trying to buy a firearm from a gun dealer.

His call for universal background checks would require a firearms registration system so the government would know who has the guns and where they are – and the only reason for registration, history shows us, is confiscation. Expansion of the domestic abuser definition in pending federal legislation is so broad a snippy tweet could put your firearms at risk. A, 48-hour waiting period would have little-to-no effect, so-called “red flag” laws are rife with constitutional questions and government permits for firearms purchases would turn a right into a privilege.

None of his proposals would begin to deter crime, but we suspect he knows that. Unfortunately for him, so do the rest of us.

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