Impeachment a loser?

There may be a message for Democrats in last week’s Google searches. More people, it turns out, Googled “Peloton” than “impeachment.”

That, despite a House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing in the middle of the week, according to Google Trends search numbers. You would think such an historic hearing, aimed at impeaching Donald Trump, would have sparked much more interest in “impeachment.”

Peloton, a fitness brand, drew flak from the chronically umbrageous during the week after one of its commercials depicted a man buying a woman a fitness bike for Christmas. Why that would set of alarms is anybody’s guess.

That more people were searching or “Peloton” during that flap than “impeachment” might be a good gauge of the true interest among the American people in impeaching Trump.

Andrew Yang, a real outsider long shot for the Democratic nod, last week may have pointed to the Democrats’ problem. He said impeachment is a “loser” issue for Democrats.

He may have a point.

3 Responses to Impeachment a loser?

  1. Jim Schradle December 9, 2019 at 9:12 am

    More than a loser issue, it’s a lawless coup against the elected President of the Constitutional Republic. Democrats, never-Trump Republicans and government officials are vetoing the election right out in the open in front of the whole country, aided and abetted by the pathetic, worthless media. How much treasure have they flushed down the toilet pursuing this on the Public’s dime? How many people have been raided and incarcerated by the Department of Injustice for process crimes in pursuit of this goal? How much of the Peoples’ business got done? This aint politics. It’s crime.

  2. Will Gay December 8, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    dIMOCRATs can’t accept they lost the 2016 election. They know President Trump is going to win the 2020 election with the socialist imbeciles in the race. They care more about power than the welfare of the country as a whole so they are throwing everything at the wall to see what will stick.I can’t match your anecdotal stories so I won’t try. The word of the day is OVERREACH!

  3. Donald Drumpf December 8, 2019 at 6:13 am

    It is Christmas season. And Peloton is in the middle of it’s controversial ad where the 116 pound woman worked out for a year and documented the whole thing for her husband to show how grateful she was. There’s been memes, GIFs, and mock videos made about it. Just the latest thing to get upset about when a corporation is trying to make money for the 4th quarter. The lack of interest is disturbing on many levels though. Probably the majorities interest on most political topics. Don’t care, don’t pay attention, just live in their Silo and do what they’re told by their party leaders. Or worse, don’t care and just don’t vote. Either way, my poppy always told me to do the right thing when nobody is looking, and do the right thing even when it’s hard and unpopular. The house is doing their job, everyone is looking, most don’t care, and it’s unpopular with half the nation. Just comes down to the individuals acceptance of power abuse and how much they’re willing to let their president get away with.


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