Christmas tree

Those who drive the Glenn Highway have, over the years, been treated to a lighted Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere near the Old Glenn Highway overpass northeast of Anchorage.

Over the past few years, the lighted lone tree has struggled, appearing ever more scraggly, and eventually it died, but Jason Tolstrup stepped up to keep the lights on.

“It is a tradition at this point,” Tolstrup told KTUU. “It’s been long enough, I think people expect to see it.”

Tolstrup found a 20-foot tall anchored structure which once lit up the streets of downtown Palmer. He’s spent the past few weeks setting up the tree, which now again serves as a cheery beacon.

Jason and his wife Kaye Tolstrup spent Thanksgiving night, using two large batteries, to light up the 675 feet of lights wrapped around the new tree.

It is spectacular. We do not know Jason and Kaye Tolstrup, but Alaska sure could use more of them.

From those of us who appreciate a great thing when we see it: Thanks.

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