Let us give thanks on this uniquely American holiday for:

A world in which oppressed people strive for life and liberty;

A nation where freedom reigns;

A city with a prosperous future and bright hopes for its young people;

A military that is strong, strengthened by the heart and spirit of young men and women who are proud of their country, the uniforms they wear, and committed to duty and honor and service, in war and in peace;

A huge cadre of volunteers serving in civilian life to help those in need, those who are poor of heart and poor in spirit;

A history of goodness that enriches our country and gives us all reason to be proud of our ancestors who over the years have protected and enhanced the American dream;

A chance we have every year at this time to gather with family and friends and share the bounties we enjoy;

A time to pause amid the hustle and stress of everyday life and consider the joy that comes in being with a loved one, with children and with grandchildren;

A country where we can worship God and offer prayers for those we hold in our hearts, without fear of a government that would deny our right to religious freedom;

A day on which we can set aside most of our worries and instead enjoy a holiday that embraces all the rich traditions of America that we have grown to love and treasure over the years;

A summer that was wonderful;

A year now mostly past that was filled, despite the hardships and sufferings that come in every life, with many blessings and joys;

A season now approaching in which we will celebrate again the glad tidings of Christmas, hoping that in every life there will be something under the tree that will bring a measure of happiness;

A conviction that the future is bright for our country and for the world –and for all people everywhere, including those now living in terror and fear, for whom even on this day young Americans are fighting to bring them hope and salvation;

A belief that goodness will prevail over evil; and,

A state that engulfs us in beauty, makes us daily aware of the wonders of nature, and enriches our souls when we gaze at the mountains and the sky and waters that surrounds us.

May your Thanksgiving Day be warm and rich with joy.

May your table overflow.

May you be embraced by family and friends.

May we all give thanks without end.

Editor’s note: We present this Thanksgiving column written some years ago by esteemed Alaska editor Bill Tobin for your enjoyment.

One Response to Thanksgiving

  1. Morrigan November 28, 2019 at 11:43 am

    And let us give thanks in particular to the American patriots whose efforts defeated a historic coup to overthrow President Trump and impose socialist rule on our America.


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