More of the same

Watching the Democrats’ herd of 2020 presidential hopefuls tussling with one another on-stage in the party’s televised debate series, you could be forgiven fearing for the nation’s future.

There were no clear winners in the last night’s debate in Atlanta as each of the 10 hopeful jockeyed to persuade viewers, and the Democratic Party, he or she really, really could beat Donald Trump next year.

They yakked a lot about his impeachment. There was the usual tax-the-rich malarkey. And they clashed yet again on health care, the seeming litmus test for the party’s progressive and moderate wings.

The moderators seemingly played favorites with the party’s Establishment candidates while virtually ignoring outsiders like Andrew Yang and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii.

Playing this time to a diminished audience – half the size of the most-watched debate in September – the debaters trotted out more of the Left’s usual hand-in-your pocket visions for America. More government. More taxes to pay for more government.

Oddly missing were impassioned rants about guns or immigration. If there were a common thread running through the party’s six debates, it is spending. Make no mistake, if these folks have their way, they will spend this nation into the poorhouse quicker than they can say, “Vote for me.”

Listening to them is almost frightening. We have asked before; we ask again: Who in their right mind would vote for any of them?

One Response to More of the same

  1. John London November 21, 2019 at 11:27 am

    A lot of people that don’t read, that is who would vote for them.
    A writer on the left side of the page states that a lot of suicide among the white working class in America is due to lack of good jobs.

    That is only part of it. A larger component is that when you don’t read, it leaves you open to only popular culture.

    Popular culture and the left lamestream media is leftist propaganda and that is it.

    That is depressing.

    When you vote for the left, it only increases the depression and trend toward substance abuse and suicide.

    Just ask many of our wonderful intelligent pop entertainment stars who commit suicide through substance in droves when young and impressionable.


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