Trump riffs on Murkowski other GOP senators: ‘She hates me’


One Response to Trump riffs on Murkowski other GOP senators: ‘She hates me’

  1. A.M. Johnson November 8, 2019 at 5:46 pm


    True, very true, those of us who support President Donald J. Trump (God, how I enjoy typing that name) have stated many times how disappointing the Senator has continued kicking this president in the teeth which in turn is kicking we supporters in our teeth.
    Knowing how much President Trump has gone to bat on economic issues regarding our state to have her continue time after time demostrate her anamosity towards President Trump servers to show her vindictive personal bias over the needs and support for our state the President has shown.
    Tragic, has she is controlled by outside Global forces, the unions, and the Native Corps.
    The desire to unseat her while strong within the state will be reflected in the huge efforts from inside / outside to retain her will be a shortfall effort, to my way of observation.



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