Wrong or lying

Despite the Left’s mewling about the dangers of AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles, the United States saw a significant decrease in the number of homicides involving rifles, the FBI says.

Murders by all means dipped 7 percent last year, and murders involving firearms dropped by 6.7 percent, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report concludes. Murders committed specifically with rifles fell by an even greater 23.8 percent.

Rifles were involved in only 2.8 percent of all murders, or 297 total, and were used less often to commit murder than knives, fists, and blunt objects, FBI statistics show.

None of that should be surprising, we suppose. That has been the case for as long as we can remember.

The FBI does not delineate how many murders were committed with any particular model of rifle. AR-15s and AK-47s are included in the overall number – and we expect the percentage would be small. Despite all that, every Democrat 2020 presidential hopeful has a plan to ban AR-15s and AK-47s – or even confiscate them.

But the Democrats already know the truth, they simply are hoping you do not. Their ultimate aim is to rid this country of semi-automatic guns to focus on their real aim – handguns. Not long ago, the Left was in a frenzy to ban them, but turned away as mass shootings made headline to focus on ARs and AKs to prepare the public for the idea of registration and seizure.

The only two things to know about most Democratic politicians when they talk about guns of any sort: They either are wrong or lying.


2 Responses to Wrong or lying

  1. R-Dubya October 5, 2019 at 5:10 am

    So True! Although this Op-Ed focuses on the Left’s desire to ban the Second Amendment, let us not forget what other ‘wrongs’ and ‘lying’ endeavors from the Democrats …

    – Their incessant desire to allow the murder of unborn babies and their acceptance of infanticide.

    – Their incessant desire to over regulate lives and industry with bureaucratic suffocation.

    – Their incessant desire to raise and create new taxes to continue to create a larger Government.

    – Their incessant desire control every aspect of ones life, limiting / supressing free thought and speech.

    – Their incessant desire to transfer wealth from ‘producers’ to non-producers’

    – Their incessant desire to open borders, allowing mass migration of nefarious mobs of illegals.

    Yes Indeed, that’s the Liberal Democrat mode-of-operandi all of which begs the question … is that Liberal Democrat a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker, or other? With a pragmatic and forthright discussion, can we impart a strong dose of logig, reason, and common sense to help convince them of the importance of liberty and freedom?
    Yes We Can!

  2. John London October 5, 2019 at 11:06 am

    1. Feminism – The destruction of the nuclear family turning many women into wage slaves who end up drug/alcohol dependent, unhappy, stressed, divorced and lonely in old age with the pattern repeated with ill-raised children.
    1.Civil Rights – A minority of Blacks moving to the middle class but most still on the Ghetto Liberal Plantation that has paid Trillions of Welfare Reparations since the 1950’s with few positive results.
    3. Global Warming – An offshoot of the bogus over population scare of the 1960’s that never happened, bogus global cooling nonsense, acid rain etc. All spread by misanthropes that hate the idea of the West using oil and the machines that the West invented because the 3rd world has few of them, so we are not equal under Global communistic fantasy.

    All seem like LIES to a rational person.


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