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Well, it had to happen. Some Outside bunch has come up with yet another in a long list of lists detailing the best places to live – or not – in America.

This time around, it ranks the top 50 towns or cities to live in, and it was compiled by 24/7 Wall St., a USA TODAY content partner that publishes financial news and commentary. The list was compiled using a weighted index of 25 measures in one of four categories from various sources, 24/7 Wall St. said, including affordability, economy, quality of life and community.

Nothing about car thefts or violent crime or permanent homeless camps or bums on every corner or mayors junketing to Japan as the city falls apart. None of that was included in the weighting, apparently. Anchorage, it almost goes without saying, did not make the “best cities” list.

But it has made other lists in the recent past. If you recall, Anchorage did make the 24/7 Wall St. “Worst City to Live in Every State” list in July.

24/7 said then of our fair burg: “The port city, home to nearly 300,000, has a violent crime rate of 1,203 incidents per 100,000 people, the highest rate of any city in the state and well above the violent crime rate of 829 per 100,000 statewide.

“Anchorage also has a high cost of living. In addition to having the highest property taxes in the state, in terms of median amount paid, goods and services are also about 27.7 percent more expensive in Anchorage than they are nationwide on average.”

Surprisingly, on this most recent “best cities” list, there are few large cities. In fact, there are no megalopolises on the list anywhere. No Detroit. No Los Angeles. Certainly no Chicago. No Dallas. No San Francisco or Seattle.

Instead, smaller communities such as Wyomissing, Pa., made it at Number 47, and Edgewood, Ky., at 40, and Lititz, Pa., with a farmer’s market on Thursday evenings, at 29, and Bentonville, Ark., at 15. We suspect it being the home of Walmart had some effect.

The Number One best town in America to live in, at least according to 24/7, is West University Place, Texas, with a population of 15,477 and a high median household income.

“A wealthy suburb of Houston, West University Place ranks as the best city to live in Texas and the United States. A wealthy city, the median household income of over $243,000 a year is over four times the national median. A dollar also goes far in the city as goods and services are about 5 percent less expensive than they are nationwide on average.”

Eventually, there will be a list of the best places to get cold sores or trip over passed out drunks on the sidewalk or even to have your bike stolen.

When there is, Anchorage has a shot.

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  1. Fred Flintstone September 12, 2019 at 10:42 am

    But all is not lost, we solved the plastic bag problem! It’s time for celebration!



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