BP, and its money, will be missed

It is amazing to watch as the news that BP is planning to leave the state rattles through the nonprofit universe in Alaska.

Over the years, you seldom heard anything positive about BP or the oil industry. Plenty of bad. Not much good. You rarely heard they annually gave millions of dollars to nonprofits – BP alone gave something like $4 million just last year – or loaned executives to them, or encouraged employees to pitch in and help in their communities.

BP generously supported more than 200 organizations across the state, gave earthquake aid, build a conference center and supported everything from the Alaska State Fair to the Fur Rendezvous to the Alaska Zoo. It funded scholarships and camps and the Anchorage symphony. The list is seemingly endless. In its 50 years in Alaska, it has been a generous corporate neighbor.

Now that it plans to pull up stakes for greener pastures, folks are starting to remember all that. The worries are that Houston-based Hilcorp, the proposed buyer, may not be so generous. It gave $315,000 to Alaska charities last year, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

But “$13.5 million has been donated by (its) employees to organizations across the United States, according to data on Hilcorp’s website. About 43 percent of that money, or $5.8 million, went to religious causes — by far the biggest donation category,” the newspaper reported.

If regulators agree, the company Alaska loves to hate, the company that for decades fed much of the state and paid for its government, is leaving. It will be missed.

And not only on the North Slope.

2 Responses to BP, and its money, will be missed

  1. Marge August 29, 2019 at 6:41 am

    Excellent Editorial. For me this is a repeat of growing up on the Iron Range in Mn. Life was great, people employed by the Oliver Iron Mining Co.US Steel. We had swimming pools in our schools when no one else did.Then the companies left and ore came from Venezuela as it was cheaper Just returned from my home town and it is like a third world country. I wouldn’t even walk down the main street by myself a I would not feel safe., Watch the down turn of our state with Hillcorp taking over. Thanks BP for what you did for this entire community, especially supporting the youth as you did.

  2. R-Dubya August 29, 2019 at 8:49 am

    Maybe(?), the ‘Gang of Thugs’ in Juneau can somehow increase taxes on these greedy oil companies, making them retroactive to the point the company business was formed, in order to get our fair share!
    OR … perhaps the SOA will start taxing those cash rich Native Corps, obviously they have endless amounts of revenue and unique perks, that profits and royalties can be ‘fairly’ and ‘equitably’ shared among ‘all’ Alaskans rather than just the Native shareholders.


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