Tax me. Please. Not.

It is difficult not to notice a rash of letters to the editor in certain publications with headlines such as “Tax me. Please.”

It seems some of us are dying to be taxed and it presents a problem with a ready solution. If you are desperate to pay more in taxes because you believe that somehow will make the state or the nation better, why wait for government to step in? Why not simply tax yourself. It is quick. It is easy. It does not require a bureaucracy, or a lawyer.

If you must, absolutely must, pay more in tithes to government, pick up your checkbook, write a check and send it to the Alaska Department of Revenue or the federal treasury. In one fell swoop, you will have solved your nagging problem of being under-taxed, and the good part? You will not have cost the rest of us a dime.

But that is not what tax proponents really want, is it? What they really want is for the rest of us to pay more in taxes, too, to support their vision of what government should be – bigger, more intrusive, more involved in every aspect of our lives. They want all of us to keep filling the trough for special interests.

The next time you run across one of these good folks ask them if they support Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s view that Alaskans should be able to vote on whether to pay an income tax.

You can already predict the answer.

2 Responses to Tax me. Please. Not.

  1. Doug Kadrich August 23, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    As Ronald Regan stated “Government is the problem”. We should listen to his sage advice.

  2. R-Dubya August 24, 2019 at 11:50 am

    ALL of these Democrats love any-n-all forms of taxes. They’re brainwashed (inflicted with disease) in thinking that we can tax ourselves to prosperity. Unless we can overwhelmingly elect fiscally conservative representatives in the very near future, we most certainly will see a litany of new (or, increased rates in existing) taxes such as:
    – Progressive Tax
    – Income Tax
    – Capital Gains Tax
    – Estate Tax
    – Inheritance Tax
    – Sales Tax
    – Value Added Tax
    – Gift Tax
    – Sin Tax
    – Gas Tax
    With the ‘already’ high cost of living in AK, more and higher taxes will not incentivize folks to move here or retain existing population.
    Totally Agree, if those morons what to be taxed more, challenge them to contribute ‘above and beyond’ by writing a bigger check to the Dept of Revenue.


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