Spend, spend, spend

In a world of constant change, there is one thing that seemingly never does: The federal government’s penchant for spending more than it receives. It seems, at times, as if red is the national color.

The Treasury Department says the federal government spent a record $3.35 trillion through June of the 2019 fiscal year. Prior to that, the most the federal government ever had spent in the October-through-June period was in fiscal 2018, when the Treasury doled out $3.19 trillion.

Total federal revenues for the first nine months of fiscal 2019? $2.60 trillion. That leaves a $747.11 billion deficit, meaning the federal budget gap widened 23 percent in the first nine months of fiscal 2019.

With a national debt of more than $22 trillion – and growing – we are leaving our children and grand-children swimming in red ink and bruising the economy.

Continued, unabated spending is nothing short of irresponsible. You can see it. We can see it. One can only wonder why Congress is blind to it.

2 Responses to Spend, spend, spend

  1. Jim Schradle July 14, 2019 at 9:46 am

    The constituents keep demanding more and the politicians keep giving them more

  2. R-Dubya July 14, 2019 at 11:30 am

    Here’s what “I” foresee coming …

    With the well deserved SOA budget cuts being trimmed by the Dunleavy Administration, “Daddys Little Princess” will be the savior as she secures additional Federal Dollars so that AK won’t have to “do-without” such largess dollars to feed the Monster.

    That will be her political strategy and Alaskans will believe / take every once of it!!!


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