Saving grace

Watching Democratic 2020 presidential candidates jabbing at each other, we could not help but wonder: Who possibly would vote for any of these people to lead the greatest nation on Earth?

What have they promised Americans so far? That say they will, if elected:

• Use executive orders to confiscate guns;
• Raise taxes;
• Reinstitute the Obamacare individual mandate;
• Provide guaranteed income for all;
• Kill off private insurance to institute socialized medicine;
• Provide free medical care for all illegal aliens;
• Open our borders;
• Offer free education through college;
• Spend trillions to pay off existing student loan debt;
• Spend additional trillions on a Green New Deal;
• Back new payroll taxes to provide paid family leave;
• Reshape the U.S. Supreme Court to 15 members; and,
• Abolish the Electoral College.

That’s just for starters. The list continually grows and we are a long way from the 2020 election. What more will the herd running for the Democratic nomination come up with by then?

The truth is that they will do none of that, nor can they without a compliant Congress and silent courts. But their promises tell us much of who they are, and they are not good news for the United States.

As the Democratic Party careens to the Left, it is leaving more and more rational Americans behind. That just may be this nation’s saving grace.

2 Responses to Saving grace

  1. Marge July 6, 2019 at 4:49 pm

    Saving grace it will be. I cannot wait until the polls come out and indicate anyone of them will beat President Trump. My bet is the Trump “Whisper voters ” will come out for him in droves. (definition of whisper voters: I voted for President Trump but won’t say it out loud.)

  2. R-Dubya July 6, 2019 at 11:29 pm

    What this chaotic craziness demonstrates is nothing short of desperation. After they destroy themselves, Trump will eat them alive and sail onto a second term!
    Obviously, that will be great for America as well as Americans.


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