320 days, but who’s counting?

How time flies. Here we are, 320 days – coming up on a year – and still no state action on the House District 15 Republican primary election scandal that had dead people lining up to vote.

Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, a staunch Republicrat, was facing a challenge from political unknown Aaron Weaver.

Election officials found seven absentee ballot applications — seven — from dead people, and absentee votes cast in the names of at least two live people who said they had not voted. Twenty-six ballots were pulled because of residency or legitimacy questions. All the ballots with residency or legitimacy questions, it is worth noting, were for LeDoux

Despite all that, elections officials inexplicably certified the election.

Most of the election weirdness popped up a single Muldoon trailer park where some of Anchorage’s Hmongs live. Lots of people appeared to be voting out of only a few trailers. When reporters asked why that was, folks there replied, “Ask Gabrielle.”

LeDoux reportedly paid one Charlie J. Chang, of Fresno, Calif., $10,00 to deliver votes from the Hmong community. What Chang, reportedly a translator and political strategist, did remains a question.

As questions about the election surfaced, LeDoux said Chang was reported dead in California a day or two after the contest, but who knows if he was LeDoux’s Chang or what he did or what he was paid to do?

Weaver was beating LeDoux by three votes in the early vote tally. It was a primary election-night shocker.

LeDoux, not a favorite with the GOP after joining the Democrat-led House majority last year – netting a powerful legislative post as a reward – went on to win the District 15 election 456-339. The Republican Party backed an East Anchorage write-in candidate, Jake Sloan, a contractor, in the general election. He lost.

This year, she broke with the Democrat-led House majority over paying Alaskans a full Permanent Fund dividend.

With clear evidence of misdeeds in the election by somebody – those dead people did not file their own absentee applications – we expected the state would be all over the case. We were mistaken. The Department of Law has said nothing. There is no sign of an investigation, or a grand jury probe or even a moment of passing state interest

.The reaction must make Alaskans wonder how sacred their elections really are. As for LeDoux, she has said she knows nothing

329 days. It sure is quiet.

2 Responses to 320 days, but who’s counting?

  1. Marge July 9, 2019 at 7:35 am

    Thank You for keeping this in the forefront. I emailed a Legislator and the Attorney General’s office with no answers from either of them whether they are investigating this problem. Today, I e -mailed Gail Fenumai, the Director of office staff for Alaska Elections. I have dealt with Gail previously in another matter . She has integrity, sensitivity and is intelligent and I know she will answer me., In my opinion, it is a disgrace when an Alaskan voter is not even allowed to be informed if there is an investigation of potential voter fraud. I did not ask the particulars, all I want to know is there an investigation and if not WHY?

  2. Fred Flintstone July 12, 2019 at 8:27 am

    These people have forgot they are public servants, and serve at the pleasure of We, the People.

    Fire Them All. Make it public. Start over with a clean slate and people willing to follow the law.


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