Great minds

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in a snit because President Donald Trump says he plans to dump illegal aliens in sanctuary cities, like her San Francisco, as we suggested days ago in an editorial.

“The extent of this administration’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated,” a Pelosi spokeswoman said. “Using human beings — including little children — as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable.”

Cynicism? Cruelty? It is cynical and cruel not to fix this nation’s broken immigration system. It is cynical and cruel to allow the system’s asylum provisions to entice illegals on a dangerous path north.

Ms. Pelosi who has done little to stanch the flow of illegals now seems to want them everywhere – but in her district. She should take down the walls she lives behind and enjoy the fruits of her handiwork.

As for us, we are glad the president is reading our editorials. Or is it just a case of great minds thinking alike?

4 Responses to Great minds

  1. Elizabeth April 14, 2019 at 7:32 am

    Seriously? Pelosi and her socialist club have been using illegal aliens, and entitlement in general, as pawns and tools to increase their voter base. They see illegal aliens as power and control for themselves. Wow, the old proverbial ‘pot calling the kettle black’.

  2. R-Dubya April 14, 2019 at 8:28 am

    As stated by Art Chance’s piece in MRAK …. “As a general matter the Ethics Act does not apply to Democrats. And that is the root of the problem; the hubris of leftists. Whether in DC or Juneau, it is evident that the Left believes that laws do not apply to them.”

    So very true of the Left (Democrats) and shows a complete Lack of Character.

  3. John London April 14, 2019 at 10:55 am

    Just saw on the ADN the huge Paul Allen space airplane with big plans to maybe colonize space.

    Maybe a sanctuary planet would solve the leftist Trojan horse invasion problem.

    Pelosi could lead the way.

    She just loves her people, you know, and loves to lead.

    The promised land!

  4. Andy April 15, 2019 at 4:23 am

    Spot on Liz.Politics is all about demographics, and the dems have been focusing on poor, helpless folks for decades, hoping for their voting loyalty through big government handouts. Eventually the dems will have an unbeatable voter base as the demographic trend leans toward their type. With the slow death of the middle class, the concept of small government is also dying.

    When the leftists reach political majority, they will entrench the dems in power forever. We will morph into a one party, socialist
    country with big government being the norm. Look at the lefty radicals in Congress that are gaining all sorts of unjustified attention. Its a matter of time as the demographic dilution of conservative WASP ideology is overwhelmed.

    As the economy shrinks, more women are required to work to keep a reasonable standard of living. This is also affecting the birth rate of the conservative middle glass, further exacerbating the numbers problem. The only thing we conservatives can do is breed baby breed. When we have two kids and they have six its a mathematical certainty that we will be outnumbered. The lack of border control isn’t helping.

    My dad once said that you better get used to eating taco salad with chopsticks. Wise advice indeed.


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