Push for Dunleavy’s amendments

It is time for Alaskans to talk to their representatives and senators about Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s trio of proposed constitutional amendments aimed at addressing the state’s chronic red ink problem.

From where we sit, all three should have been part of the Alaska Constitution since Day One.

One deals with a spending cap – Alaska has one, but it is largely ignored – and a savings plan. The second would place a constitutional roadblock on state taxes without a vote of the people. A third proposed amendment would bar any change to the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend without a vote of the people.

If you want a say in this state’s fiscal future – and you certainly should – these three proposed amendments would give you just that.

If approved by two-thirds of the Legislature and then by Alaskans, average citizens will finally control the state’s future, not lawmakers beholden to special interests that thrive on added spending.

The proposed amendments would let us decide how much government we want – and what and how we are willing to pay for it. The proposals hold government to the will of the people and make the people responsible for the government they have.

There are some in the Legislature who will resist putting the amendments on the ballot. You should ask yourself why and then urge your lawmaker, emphatically, not to be one of them.

4 Responses to Push for Dunleavy’s amendments

  1. A.M. Johnson April 7, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    You were doing really well till

    :”If approved by two-thirds of the Legislature and then by Alaskans, average citizens will finally control the state’s future, not lawmakers beholden to special interests that thrive on added spending.”

    Then the wheels came off. Foolish to believe 2/3 of the legislature would vote to kill their Golden Goose by denying access to their money trough.
    You present a pleasant outcome with an impossible goal.
    I bet District 36 elected officials and their staff, are doubled over reading this paragraph. Just saying.

  2. Randy S. Griffin Fairbanks Alaska April 7, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    Putting the present statutory fixed formula for the passing out of hundreds of thousands of free money checks, in the Alaska constitution, would putrefy and destroy Alaska as we know it.

    There are a few innocent and happy-go-lucky Alaska politicians who advocate “enshrining” the PF dividend checks in the constitution. These politicians may be “conservative” and they don’t mean any harm, but I think they are only thinking 2 steps ahead:

    1. The PFD will help people buy stuff they want.
    2. A big PFD will cause people to like the politician who advocates it, and people will vote for him or her at the next election.

    However, I think there are powerful left-wingers in the lower 48, watching us in Alaska, from the shadows. They know about the PFD in Alaska. These communistic grand strategists are thinking 10 steps ahead, as they plot the demise of America. I think these powerful, behind the scenes, left-wing puppet masters would like to see the PFD locked into the Alaska constitution.

    A secret and sinister ten-step plan:

    1. A sloppy, dripping and massive PFD will attract bums and drug addicts from outside of Alaska to grab some free money that they did not earn.

    2. A guaranteed PFD handout will cause people to have a smug, entitlement attitude, and cause them to want even more government benefits.

    3. The massive PFD will cause a shortfall in revenue and will guarantee the passage of a state income tax to provide for essential government services, and also for more benefits that people now think they deserve just for breathing.

    4. This will cause an income transfer situation from people who are working, to people who are not working. The knowledge of this transfer, by the recipients, will cause further putrefaction of their ethical fabric, and souls.

    5. Because of this moral shift, Alaska will become a blue state and will vote in Bernie Sanders for president or a similar type of progressive socialist.

    6. The new progressive president will appoint left-wing judges which will erode our freedoms.

    7. The enshrinement of the PFD in Alaska will be a beacon, and will give the go ahead for the adoption of the Universal Basic Income, that left-wingers have been pushing for on a national level. This will set up an income transfer scenario from those who work to those who do not work.

    8. This will cause the putrefaction of the souls of the recipients on a nation-wide basis.

    9. This will diminish the productivity of the United States and our country will finally topple under the weight of a $22 trillion national debt. The country will go into default and our credit rating will sink to junk status.

    10. Our country will then be ripe for a communist type takeover. Reeducation camps will be set up. Many people will be executed.

    This is why we should not “enshrine” the PFD into the Alaska constitution.

  3. A m johnson April 9, 2019 at 7:49 am

    Randy presents fine debate positions. Very good!

  4. Terrence Cole April 17, 2019 at 7:20 pm

    Well put Randy! All these amendments are poor
    public policy. The intent show the administration has
    Little knowledge of our constitutional fundamentals.


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