Hand them the shears

The hue and cry for an income or some other tax and handing up our Permanent Fund dividends to our betters is growing among the vocal big-governent-at-all-costs crowd. You can see it in desperate letters to the editor across the state. You can watch it on television. The sheep are begging, please, please, please, to be shorn.

We say: Hand them the shears. Let them have their wish.

Who are these people? Union members and government workers who want the gravy train to continue. Then there others who have been propagandized into believing government is the be-all, end-all of our lives. To be fair, there likely are some who actually believe what they are asking for is a good thing.

We say deny none of them. Instead of ignoring them, what this state needs is a way to accommodate those anxious, nay, eager to pay some sort of tax or give up their Permanent Fund dividends for more government. Perhaps it could be done through Pick. Click. Give. Or maybe the Department of Revenue could set up an account to take in their money. We should do our best to help those dying to pay.

We suspect two or three Alaskans would surrender their dividends or a portion of their income to maintain the size of government.

The problem they overlook? Next year, they will need to pay even more. Government only grows and spending in this state has to be checked before any rational person will go along with being taxed or deprived of their dividend. Trying to fix the mess without stopping the bleeding is a fool’s errand.

They ignore the embarrassing fact that our government already is much too large and does far too much – often badly, as in education. It is so large that it for years carried a multibillion-dollar deficit that lawmakers filled by simply draining the state’s savings accounts. Since fiscal 2013, Alaska has outspent its revenues by $16 billion. This year it is only $1.6 billion short. Whoopee!

Will the state eventually need taxes or your dividend? Maybe. But before hungry lawmakers try to put their mitts on our dough, we should tell them to cut first.

Then cut some more.

4 Responses to Hand them the shears

  1. R-Dubya March 14, 2019 at 10:39 am

    Regardless of the incessant Ballyhooing, End-Of-The-World, and Mayhem so elleqaintly playacted in other local media circles (KTUU, KTVA, ADN, FNM, JE, etc), this endeavor is really healthy for the State of AK.
    – It should demonstrate an earnest / responsible effort in managing public dollars within a limited budget amount.
    – It should build confidence within the constituency that dollars being spent are done so in an efficient manner.
    – It should identify the bad characters trying to game the system.
    – It should bring about some innovative ideas to maximize cost savings and efficiencies, eliminating waste, eliminating useless regulation, reassign costs to those who ultimately benefit the most.
    – It should build confidence in companies making significant investments in AK.
    – ULTIMATELY, It should ‘right size’ the burgeoning State government.

    Now, achieving these is yet to be seen.

  2. John London March 14, 2019 at 11:29 am

    Victim Industrial Complex (VIC) Collusion between Government and Government Social agencies and Victim related Non-profits to milk citizens for money any way they can get it. Many if not most of the victims and their perceived victimhood are completely fabricated and/or caused by Government, media and their agencies to begin with. The media propaganda arm of the VIC constantly hounds the populace with the never ending need of the victims as the VIC laughs all the way to the bank at your expense.

  3. Elizabeth March 14, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    All well said. Article and comments!

  4. Quincy March 14, 2019 at 2:26 pm

    The idea that a lot or a majority of the people are worried about cuts to government services is an illusion being peddled by the “Anchorage Daily News”. They go out of their way to find voices who will say they are deeply concerned about cuts that the state may sustain from Dunleavy. Don’t believe the newspaper and local media. They are lying to you. To find the truth look to election results and front yard election signs. Dunleavy our up signs that said “PFD Defender”. His advertising was pretty clear. 51% of the Alaska voters elected him. I think the takeaway and message from the people was quite clear. “We want our money!” The local media is lying to us.


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