UA regents hear from angry education students stung by accreditation loss


2 Responses to UA regents hear from angry education students stung by accreditation loss

  1. Elizabeth February 13, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    What I do not understand is why the UA system is notore streamlined with their programs of study. Why do the theee main campuses all have a school of education under three individual school of education administrations and why were the three programs not in uniformity? It seems each program of study should have one structure and one administrative body,
    whether there are classes at one campus or all three. UA suffered funding cuts a few years ago and I thought at that time they were consolidating programs. Evidently not. I would recommend right now turn the UAA School of education over to the UAF School of education and run it from that college and consolidate the administration. UAA doesn’t even have a Dean right now. Dr. Claudia Dybdahl is acting dean. Hence it should be a fairly simple process. The same could be done for a myriad of ‘duplicate’ programs. Some consolidation and uniformity would go along way in insuring consistency and saving money lost in the finding cuts.

  2. Morrigan February 13, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    What should be understood, Elizabeth, is that Alaska’s third-rate college is accountable to nobody for product quality or cost.
    Success for the Ivory Tower Team means getting more money and preserving the organization.
    Students can be “angry” all they want, makes no difference.
    Money will change hands, accreditation will miraculously reappear, parents will pay inflated tuition fees, and students, never known for excessive attention spans, will go back to the brainwashing that passes for tertiary education in Alaska.
    Most importantly, the organization will sail on, undisturbed.


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