Wait and see

Candidates seeking votes in the last election largely pressed a common theme: fixing the state’s crime laws. When the Legislature returns Jan. 15, it will get it chance to strut its stuff.

The state Senate’s incoming Republican president, Sen. Cathy Giessel, says bolstering Alaska’s crime laws is “our majority’s top priority. It affects everyone across the state, and it is what we will be focused on – number one.”

As Alaska’s revolving-door criminal justice system has become little more than a joke to criminals such as car thieves and run-ot-the-mill thugs, the focus on doing something about it would be welcome. The now-notorious Senate Bill 91 criminal justice reform legislation – a good idea poorly executed as law – must be fixed or, more likely, abandoned.

Talk is cheap and politicians are full of talk. Alaskans should be watching lawmakers closely to ensure they do what is right.

For our part, we hope Giessel & Co. can pull it off.


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  1. Quincy January 5, 2019 at 2:14 pm

    Senate Bill 91 was a bil of goods that pulled the wool over Republican voters and legislators alike. It was sold as a “conservative” construct that will help the state save money by not keeping so many prisoner locked up. The main focus of it was saying that they would reduce the sentences for non-violent drug offenders, such as heroin addicts, and put them in some sort of treatment program instead of jail which was cheaper. I didn’t realize at the time they also planned on reducing the sentence for car thieves, violent assailants, and election fraudsters. They didn’t tell the public about that. They also didn’t mention that by taking away the tough sentence on such criminals it would really disincentize prosecutors from taking them to trial because what is the point in having a trial is only going to put the guy in jail for 3 months. I have met several normal people who have had their car stolen.


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